Session Safety Features 

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Ensuring a Safe and Supportive Session: A Guide for Hosts

As a dedicated host on ShareWell, your role is crucial in maintaining a secure and nurturing environment for peer support. To facilitate smooth sessions, here are three essential safety features at your disposal:

  1. Mute a Participant:
    • Use this option if background noise becomes disruptive or if a participant is causing disturbance.
    • Valuable for maintaining session quality and focus.
  2. Remove a Participant:
    • While rarely used, you have the authority to remove a participant if necessary.
    • A tool available for exceptional situations where participant behavior requires immediate action.
  3. Report a Participant:
    • We encourage liberal use of the reporting feature to uphold community safety.
    • Host reporting is key to ensuring a secure space for peer support, healing, and growth.

When to Report or Give Feedback:

  • Advice Giving: Ensure discussions align with the supportive nature of ShareWell.
  • Use of Offensive Language: Maintain a respectful and inclusive environment.
  • Mention of Suicide or Self-Harm: Report immediately for outreach and additional support.
  • Not Abiding by ShareWell Ground Rules: Uphold the established guidelines for a positive experience.

Important Note: Reporting or giving feedback does not imply punishment. Instead, it initiates support measures. In cases of repeated reports on the same member, the ShareWell team intervenes, recognizing that members may be unaware of the community culture. This proactive approach enhances the overall experience and fosters a supportive atmosphere.

*If someone mentions suicide or self-harm, please report to ensure immediate outreach and access to additional resources. Your commitment to safety contributes significantly to the well-being of our community.

See our full Safety and Content Policy to learn more about these features, how to use them, and what is allowed and what is prohibited on ShareWell.

We trust that these safety features empower you in establishing not just a session but a sanctuary for open dialogue and mutual support among peers. Your commitment to creating a secure and enriching space is pivotal in shaping the ShareWell experience and contributing to a community where mental health thrives.