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Enroll in ShareWell’s Host Training Program

Did you know that ShareWell has an in-depth training program that you can participate in for free? Support is the name of the game at ShareWell and we want to support you in your skill development as well as your healing journey.

The 9-module self paced host training was created in partnership with three licensed mental health professionals, an executive coach and members of the ShareWell Team. The training is designed for both new and experienced hosts and does not require any previous facilitation experience or expertise. 

Whether you have hosted sessions on ShareWell before or are looking to start, and want some more guidance, our new training program is perfect for you. Not ready to host yet, but want to practice and improve your facilitation skills? You are invited to go through the free program as well.

What’s in the Training?

The training consists of eLearning exercises and self-reflection questions. It includes topics such as trauma awareness, crisis response, and inclusion and covers everything from creating emotional safety to discovering your facilitation style. By completing this training, you will not only benefit from facilitating peer support sessions around a topic you have lived experiences with, but also gain a safe space to share your stories and actively heal amongst the group.

If you’re passionate about mental health and being the best supporter you can be, on and off the ShareWell platform, we hope you will take a look.

What You Learn

  • The Why/What of Peer Support
  • Emotional Safety
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Inclusion
  • Crisis Response
  • Trauma & Triggers
  • Developing Your Personal Style
  • Branding, Promoting & Storytelling
  • Boundaries & Self-Care

Hear What Others Are Saying About the Training

  • I think the training is excellent. I learned what peer support is and is not. I’m walking away feeling more confident that facilitation is a skill that can be learned and improved with practice. I am looking forward to hosting my first session. After the training, I feel ready. – Ryan
  • I’m a former therapist and still learned a lot from this training. The boundaries module was particularly helpful for me personally. I so often forget to set them and pay the price later. I believe this will be a valuable resource for anyone, regardless of facilitation experience. – Fatima
  • My key learning was that you don’t have to be an expert to help others struggling with mental health. Being in a peer support group with people you can actually relate to can make all the difference. I’m glad this training can support me in learning how to be a good peer support host and that hosting is also beneficial for my healing. – Renee
  • This training will change the way I host in the future. I learned so much about supporting emotional safety and will look for more opportunities to validate a participant’s feelings. – Jake
  • Even beyond peer support, this training has helped me become a better listener and a more skillful facilitator. I’m excited to apply my learnings not just as a peer support host but also in my capacity as a friend and co-worker. – Talia

ShareWell’s Peer Support Training Program combines theoretical and practical training and is designed to prepare you to lead a discussion on any mental health issue important to you.

Those who complete the practical training by hosting a peer support session on ShareWell will receive a full certificate of completion. Hosting a peer support session is a great way to put all you’ve learned into practice and deepen your understanding. 

If you’re passionate about mental health and being the best supporter you can be, on and off the ShareWell platform, we hope you will take a look.

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We hope you enjoy our training and the learnings that come out of it.