How to Brand & Promote Your First Session

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Step 1: Craft Your Session Title and Description

Crafting an engaging session title and description sets the tone for your peer support session. Your title should be clear and provide a glimpse into the session’s format, offering a clear overview of what a participant can expect. Consider the specific theme, tone, and purpose of your session, ensuring that your title and description align.

Hear tips from Amy, ShareWell’s Head of Community, on how to craft a compelling session title and description.

Exercise: Write a sample session description using this framework

  • This session is about _____
  • I’m passionate about this topic because _____
  • This session is for anyone who _____
  • My hope is that everyone leaves this session with _____

Step 2: Promote Your Session

Once you’ve created a session, great work, it’s time to spread the word and find others who are interested in your topic. We encourage hosts to do three things. 

Filll out your profile with a short bio. Let people know a bit about your life experience and/or passion. Sharing some of your journey often makes others feel connected and compelled to join you. 

Post a session announcement in the chat discussion. When you click into a topic chat you will see the discussion thread. Here are two announcement examples: 

  • “Hi ShareWell, I am excited to host my first session: (session name). I’m passionate about x…., because of y…. I hope you will join in the discussion.”
  • “Hi Peers, I just posted my very first session and am looking forward to supporting each other in (session name). I have facilitated discussions on this topic through my (personal experience/bio). I’m looking forward to meeting and supporting you in…..” 

Share the session with your existing community. Whether it’s your social media following, email list, or simply good friends, sharing your session with your existing community is a great opportunity to offer support and connection to those you want to support or who have supported you.

At ShareWell, we pride ourselves on having hosts and peer supporters from all over the world, backgrounds, and walks of life. We invite you to create a session on any topic that resonates with you and that you have lived experience of, this is an opportunity for you to connect with your peers who understand what you are going through. If you have any more questions feel to join an upcoming Become A Host Session led by the ShareWell team.

Now get excited about posting your first session and welcome to the host community!