ShareWell Platform Rules: Hosting 101

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As a ShareWell host, your role extends far beyond scheduling and facilitating sessions. It encompasses creating a supportive environment where participants can openly share and seek guidance. A crucial aspect of ensuring a successful peer support session lies in understanding the dynamics that govern it. Here are a few hosting “need to knows” for hosting peer support sessions on ShareWell.

Start by Reviewing the Session Rules:
Initiate your session by going over the ground rules. While you don’t have to read them verbatim, it’s essential to ensure that their intended meaning remains intact. If you want to add an additional rule or two that’s specific to your session, that’s welcome as well.

Minimum of 3 Peers to Begin:
Please remember that a session doesn’t officially commence until there are at least three participants, which includes yourself. If a third peer is absent for an extended period, the session will automatically conclude.

5-Minute Entry Window:
At the session’s onset, it’s beneficial to inform your peers that they have a 5-minute window to join. After this period, no additional participants can enter the session.

Technical Note on Rejoining:
As a technical note, if someone encounters issues and is removed from the session, they can rejoin by clicking the session link and selecting the “enter session” button.

Chat Availability:

Furthermore, consider informing your participants that the chat will be accessible two days before the session begins and for three days after the session concludes.

As you continue on your hosting journey, please keep these platform rules in mind to ensure a positive and effective peer support experience for all participants.